Liven Your Space - A Resource for Healing from Mental Illness
Welcome to My Site

My last fifty years has been about getting through a crazy, scary, but wonderful life.  The secret has been managing my mental illness and despair by pursuing three things: seeking ways to be creative,  engaging in a physically active life, and nourishing my religious faith.  These things, interwoven together, have enabled me to find deep joy and personal fulfillment. 
I  was born in Warrenton, Virginia in the early 1940s and grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature and being exposed to great art and music.  After studying Fine Arts in college, I left that world to pursue a passion for flying and ended up spending forty years as a flight attendant  and much of my life managing the challenges of schizophrenia - mostly successfully!  
Many people might assume being a flight attendant and a schizophrenic don't mix.  However, my life attests to the fact that getting through a demanding career with the public while managing a severe mental health issue that isolates one from the world - or any huge challenge or upset that makes living really hard - can be done!  I even did it! And maybe you've been successful in getting through really hard stuff too, or would like to.
That's why I've put together this website: to help us talk about how to fill our lives - and spaces - with beauty ... even when - especially when - circumstances seem dark and grim.
So ... this website is here for you and others, providing access to my story, my art, tips for getting through, ways for sharing common experiences, and ideas for letting our creativity - even when we don't think we have a creative bone in our body - open up to a higher purpose that blooms us into what and who we were meant to be. 
In terms of access to my story, I'm very excited:  my book, telling the tale of my career and mental illness, is available to everyone.  You'll find it and a link for purchasing it under "My Book, Art, etc."

ALSO, please read the blog attached to this site.  Most recently, I've been describing my illness and remission in a way that I hope will help others better understand mental illness and how it can be successfully managed. It's a lighthearted guide to getting through it all. 
And regarding my art, tips,  and pictures and links to other resources, more of these will continue to be added. Please take a look!