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My Book, Art, etc
I'm excited to have recently published two books, a memoir and a book of poetry.  I've been told both are entertaining and insightful. My sense of humor has been combined with a set of experiences that are both universal and unique.  Please give one or both a try. 

My new book of poetry, "A Broken-Hearted Schizophrenic," was published June 2017.  It includes poems inspired by my descent into mental illness and my subsequent recovery. My hope is that this collection provides humor, insight and guidance of the variety that helps others through difficult times. It's available through Amazon books. 

 "Mercy, Lord, Mercy," is about the journey of a young woman, Eileen, living her life for art and adventure as the affects of paranoid schizophrenia takes over her world. 
Drawn from my personal experience, this story tells the tale of how a mysterious and several-year decline shakes the foundation of what seems to be a "normal life." Like me, Eileen is more than shaken as she withdraws into a place dominated by space ships, scary voices, and people lurking around every corner and every phone call ready to do her harm. Over time, however, and with a great deal of help and support by others, Eileen moves through the deep darkness into a place of peace and self-actualization.  
This story conveys both the horror and transformation of my experience moving through mental illness into a successful and peaceful life.  Written with a zany sense of humor, it is offered to entertain the reader as well as provide an important perspective for bringing health and beauty back into the center of one's life. 
This book is now available in a new edition and can be purchased through  (My name on the book appears as Catherine E. Goin.) Please let me know what you think,