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Before the First Day of Fall: Seeing beyond the obvious!

I came down the steps this morning and found my brother looking at his bird book.  He looked perplexed so I asked him what was wrong.  "I have a new bird I can't identify."  Since I knew I couldn't help,  I carried on with my morning but began to realize I too was perplexed:  summer is almost over! Pretty soon all the summer birds will be going South, the squirrels will be done gathering nuts from our Walnut tree, and I'll need to switch out my summer clothes for sweaters and coats. Besides all that, I'm in the winter of my life and where is that warm, southern weather for a bird like me, and those nuts, where on earth where have I been storing them?
When one gets older, one looses some of one's memory as well as the desire to take on new journeys of any kind.  In the past, I would have been concerned about this: I would have thought such things were important and the sign of a creative, industrious mind. But now there's a totally different emotion that's taking hold:  one of large gratitude for all I've experienced in this small life of mine. 
And my brother?  He's just came in to report his bird findings:  it was another starling!  But one in "disguise" he said.  My funny brother! 
But isn't that just like life though:  We've been told to expect one set of colors on our wings, one kind of shape and size of our small bird-being and then old age comes along and none of that really matters: We fly - or have flown - with what we've had.  We do the best we can.  And, if we're grateful, it's all a beautiful thing!
Maybe the transition from a beautiful summer to beautiful fall is not about how many nuts we've stored but what we've gained from our busy life; the one that's always involved thinking about the next step, the next challenge, the next trip to take or bill to pay.  These things are about the summer of our lives.  This year, this fall, I'm going to reflect on how far I've come, not the obvious tasks or tendencies.
What about you? What ever you do this fall, please don't run in front of car wheels looking for what might seem like a better Walnut tree. A really beautiful one is likely in your own back yard.
Love and peace,

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Meteorological 1st day of fall is 1st September. Any countries go by September 21st although of the time/date of the astronomical fall equinox. Others go by the autumn equinox itself ( this year that's September 23rd). Others go by the cross-quarter days starting September 23rd the mid-point of autumn. It, accordingly, depends on which country and what time they're using.
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Before the first day of fall, I am very active with summer activities outside. Me and my friends love to travel around as experience what it is like to live in another country. We visit the tourist spot of particular country take some photos and build happy memories together. We have the time because of our hectic schedule, but when the fall comes we make sure to have a free time to gather together. Traveling around can give us a piece of  mind and the best way to have relaxation. 
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