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When it snows

I hate snow.  It makes my tires spin, makes me slip when I go walking, causes the lights and heat in my house to go out when it weighs too heavily on the wires that line my street.  I especially hate snow when the sky is drab and the surrounding flurries keep me indoors waiting for what the weather will bring. 

But when its just snowed and the world is transformed with an overcoat of white and silver, the uncertainty and slipperiness goes away.  I feel excitement watching the busy squirrels and birds at the feeder,  seeing handsome trees bowing down with grace and surrender,  noticing the brown-ness of late autumn covered by a comforter of new beginnings.  And then there's that clear patch of blue emerging from the sky like magic, pulling me out of myself and into a life that's larger than sentiments and opinions. 

I have experienced many long, cold days in my life. worries of winter knocking at the door.  I don't answer them.  Now I look for patches of blue and the sun coming out.  I make soup and put on my red coat and heavy boots to go outside and find the wonder beyond myself.

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BETSY on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 1:44 PM
Love the snow!- wrote poetry re same- will share it some day. Prayer is like a newly fallen snow...
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Mary Anne Jackson on Saturday, January 04, 2014 11:41 AM
Betsy, I like your website. I, too, have been confined by the recent ice, snow and cold. I am a member of Daughters of American Colonists. William Byrd Chapter and was active when living in Winchester, VA most of my life. I also like your attitude and your humor. Since I am grown older, my choices for fun are quite limited. However, reading about your love of flight I feel I have a found a friend. My constant contact with those who have the same love is limited to males. Brother, aero-space engineer (Space Shuttle, B-2 and the F-22 and before). My email friend is a retired FAA flight controller. We talk planes all of the time. My last flight in an antique plane was a few years ago and was in a 1930 Ford Tri-Motor. I was the only woman on the flight. I have several interesting part-time jobs in addition as a QC tech for a chemical company for 3 years that manufactured hospital reagents. The most exciting job was the summer of 1962 when I worked for a hail suppression company at a nearby airport. We had two planes that seeded the clouds over 4 surrounding states with silver iodide. One was a T-6 and the other, my favorite, a P-51. I loved this job watching the radar and then calling the orchardists to light up their silver iodide generators with the planes on the way. I admire your handling the mental problem and overcoming them with the help of a good doctor. There are still a few around but for how long? Thanks for an interesting compilation of your life and hope that your book is a great success.
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