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Dance First, Think Later ... It's the Natural Order

It's good to find inspiration where you can.  A year ago, I found some at my local gift shop up the street from where I live in the Virginia countryside.  It came through on a greeting card and when I saw it I could hear myself say:  "Exactly!! That's what I believe" ... 'Dance First, Think Later.  It's the Natural Order.' 

Now, this bit of advice didn't come from a Hallmark Card troll, sitting at his seat all day trying to be clever and poignant.  It came, according to the card, from Samuel Beckett, a very serious Irish/French intellectual who wrote both serious and  whacky pieces of fiction. One of my favorites, Waiting for Godot, is a play in which nothing happens and yet it's riveting ... really.  Everyone is just sitting around waiting fro something!

So why did this piece of philosophy strike me so profoundly? It actually might not be good advice for everyone.  But as I get older and realize how easy it is to live one's routine day after day, things like dancing before cleaning the house, before watching TV, before grocery shopping, before brushing one's teeth, all just seem more purposeful if not rational.  It puts fun and liveliness before order and 
necessity. It creates energy and action out of predictability. And it helps remind us to put a spring in our step and a kick in our heels rather than waiting for something important to happen outside of ourselves. 

So that's it for today.  As a budding Virginia postmodernists, I'm not thinking and writing any more.  I'm going out to get new dancing slippers and start dancing more from my heart. 

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