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In Praise of Fresh Vegetables ... and Bees!

I love big salads. Tomatoes were my first love.  And then there are cucumbers dipped in vinegar with pepper and onions.  Yellow squash and zucchini sauteed with a little garlic.  

There's something about vegetables that just makes me feel good.  I can eat them and not worry about getting fat.  Better yet, I can eat them and know that I'm helping my body ward off infections, heart disease, diabetes, even cancer.  And when they are fresh, right out of the garden or purchased at the local farmers' market, they are just plain delicious. Green, red, yellow, purple, orange - what beautiful colors they are!

While I've always loved vegetable, now more than ever - all this excitement about  vegetables in the news is relatively new.  Only during the last ten  years or so have we learned through science of the many micro-nutrients that vegetables have, some more than others.  And we have only just learned what these micro-nutrients do for us in terms of keeping us healthy and preventing our bodies, our DNA from breaking down.  A diet full of vegetables - say six or seven a day including fruits - can also help counteract the bad effects of a little junk food. Green vegetables are perhaps the best for us but all vegetables of the fresh variety are packed with nutrients that we need to prevent disease throughout our life.  What huge implications for the cost of medical care much less our enjoyment at the dinner table. 

Lastly, the bees!  I love the fact that we depend upon other creatures in order to have vegetables and fruits to eat.  It's a great reminder that we aren't really in charge. For without bees, Mother Nature's abundant supply of vegetables would not be available. And yet the bee population is declining largely due to the poisons we use on lawns and the huge mono-culture farms supplying giant super markets. So we can't take bees for granted.  And planting flowers and habitat to help ensure they survive when the vegetables aren't in season is a civic duty. 

So lets hear it for the vegetables .... and the bees ... and the flowers ... and all of us that love eating as nature intended.  

And let's hear it for  summer time, a great time to eat good food and feel good about it.  And a great time to paint those beautiful shapes and colors. 


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6454 on Friday, December 22, 2017 1:16 AM
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