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The Brain-Gut Connection

There's a lot of literature on the  brain-gut connection, including psychology books that explain how mental illness and chronic conditions such as Autism, and chronic degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's are linked to the microbiome in our colons.  Our microbiomes are a fragile microcosm of beneficial bacteria that can be disrupted or destroyed by the Standard American Diet (SAD), antibiotics, processed foods, neurotoxins, gluten and casein, and other toxins.  Lately a lot of research studies are showing that Americans are eating fast foods, overprocessed foods, and animal products that are produced by large factory farms, which are responsible for the inhumane and unhealthy treatment of livestock. This is affecting the quality of the food we eat and our health.  Our Government subsidizes the large factory farms, known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and promotes the fast manufacturing of overly obese animals at very young ages, that are filled with antibiotics and eat GMO-laden corn, grains, soy, and other unnatural chemicals.  These chemicals, when eaten as food products, affect the human brain, which has a natural immunity fighting beta-amyloid  that coats the brain lining for protection against invaders, creating more plaque that eventually produces Alzheimer's and other neurological issues.  Beta-amyloid comes from a larger protein found in the fatty membrane surrounding nerve cells.
Beta-amyloid is chemically "sticky" and gradually builds up into plaque.
The most damaging form of beta-amyloid may be worse than the plaques themselves. The small clumps may block cell-to-cell signaling at synapses. They may also activate immune system cells that trigger inflammation and devour disabled cells. Here's more information on beta-amyloid plagues:

The connection between our microbiome and the brain is affected by inflammation producing peptides such as casein and gluten.  These peptides infiltrate the lining of the colon, causing wider pathways between the villi that protect the colon from toxins in the bloodstream.  Casein is found in dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt and butter. Gluten is found in all wheat products as well as some oats and barley. The casein and glutem peptides can leak through the compromised lining of the colon into the bloodstream, which causes Leaky Gut.  These peptides travel up to the brain via blood vessels and while, there cross the blood/brain barrier to lodge in the brain and affect cognition and brain functionality.  To read more about this compromise and long-term affects, such as Autism, Alzheimer's, which is now considered Diabetes Type III, and other neurological disorders, read Dr. David Perlmutter's books, "Grain Brain," and "Wheat Belly."

To learn more about the research being conducted on the prevention of Alzheimer's through natural means, refer to this video inteview between Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Dale Bredesen, the author of a new book entitled "The End of Alzheimer's";_ylt=AwrJ3VVfpPha9ScAfUoPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=the+end+of+alzheimers+dr.+dale+bredesen&fr=yhs-pty-pty_email&hspart=pty&hsimp=yhs-pty_email#id=7&vid=6158baaa865a4b8008b93b91f5367fef&action=view

May is Mental Health Month; The Natural Marketplace in Warrenton, Virginia published an article about this. For more information visit:

We hope you enjoyed this blog and we'll be back in another week or so.

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Comments RSS on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 3:05 AM
i have always been intrigued by the brain gut connection. thanks to this post it has all started to make sense out for me. keep us updated with more
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test on Saturday, June 30, 2018 11:52 PM
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According to a Johns Hopkins expert, what is happening in our gut could be affecting our brain. Hidden in the walls of our digestive system is a "second brain," which could be the source of us "going with our gut" when making a decision or feeling butterflies in our stomach when we are anxious or uncertain about something. This second brain is called the enteric nervous system. Research finds that the gut-brain connect can help explain the high percentage of people with irritable bowel syndrome that develop depression and anxiety. Further research that could establish new understanding of the gut could lead to various treatment possibilities.
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Thank you for sharing this blog. It is very informative and I have learned a lot. My niece has been showing a sign of autism lately, so I have been researching about it. He has a speech delay, he is now three years old, but he is not yet talking. He has no eye contact. I really feel sad for him. He is getting bullied by our neighbors. I will let my sister read this. Thank you again and God bless you!
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