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Changes Deranges.....No. 1

I am in a quandary.  I no longer have help doing the computer work involved in my website and blog, and I am tired of writing about myself, and I am having difficulties in finding qualified people willing to contribute to  my idea of writing about mental well-being or health.  So, I am going to write some poetry, mostly about my observations as I get old, and what I see around me in our society...a stressed, anxious, over-fed and   under exercised nation.  Unfortunately our habits seem to be spreading throughout the so-called 'civilized' world, and the incidence of what Dr. Myron Wentz of USANA Health Sciences calls 'chronic degenerative diseases' is spreading. I have suffered from these conditions myself and am working hard to overcome them, one by one.

In 2015-16 I fell twice, fracturing my spine and hurting my leg, after changing my medication for schizophrenia (my old medication was discontinued and I had trouble with balance with my new one).  I was unable to continue my yoga which I had been doing since 1974 and could only comfortably walk a lot. Fortunately after two and a half years a great new yoga and mat pilates studio opened in Warrenton.  I am so excited because I can do restorative and gentle yoga to help my back and leg.  It is great fun, and a wonderful way to meet nice, interesting people. 

One of the avenues to good mental health is meeting and interacting with people, both those who are long-time acquaintances and those who are new and different.  Yoga is a great way to meet new people and help your body and mental health. People are necessary for most of us who want to have fun.  Fun is important!

Tuesday I was doing a theraupeutic yoga class and had my legs up against the wall too long.  I took the little pillow off of my eyes and started 'meditating' on the lights and the gently circling fans and I think I hypnotized myself.  At any rate I tripped which discombobulated me and upset the leader.  It was such an unusual experience I wrote a poem about it which I am including in my blog: here goes;

Changes Deranges....No. 1

Was I downside-up or upside-down?
Were my feet on the ceiling or on the ground?
I was confused....was that because
I didn't know where I was?

The lights all glowed above my head
The fans circled around....was I alive, was I dead?
Where were my legs? I had forgotten
I was in general feeling rotten!

Dana appeared, she seemed forlorn
"Are you here or are you gone?
Please come back if you can.
Disappearance is not in our plan."

I circled around for another second...
Back in the studio I reckon.
I took a trip, where did I go?
Hours later I still don't know.

"Dana, I have been dis-located!
Honestly, tripping is over-rated,
Best left to the over-educated...."

the end....

That is the first in some poems I am hoping to write about mental health and aspects of it. Hopefully I can learn more about the computer and include some links to articles and videos and pictures.  Wish me luck and see you soon. 


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