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Anger, Hatred, Cowardice

What is going on in the country concerning Dr. Christine Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh is appalling and so disturbing to me that it became necessary for me to once again check out Thicht Nhat Hahn's book "Anger" from the library.  Years ago my psychiatrist recommended this book be read because he sensed anger disturbing the quality of my life. Anger causes confusion, consternation, debilitating emotions...dangerous emotions causing havoc in the lives of others and in the life of the person under its sway.

Anger is often a cover for fear, insecurity, hatred and cowardice...traits fueling the prevailing trend towards hatred and contempt for others who are 'different', often based on gender, social class, financial standing, religious and racial differences.  These are qualities which should be honored, respected and protected.  God in His love of variety and beauty made people different physically, mentally and emotionally.  He loves His people and expects we show the same love for our fellow men, women and young people. Personallly I am short and chunky, qualities not admired in our modern culture, and have always suffered from feelings of inferiority even though I am happy, healthy and attractive.  These feelings of insecurity were further compounded by being a flight attendant as a young woman, in which job I would be fired for being heavy.

Another issue not in my favor is the fact I am a 'inferior' species to be exploited and often assaulted.... with no repercussions for the perpetrator.....a problem  now being played out in our government where Dr. Christine Ford is accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when she was only 15 years old, a minor.  She is accused of being 'mixed up' by Orin Hatch who has never met or talked with her.  President Trump, himself a self-proclaimed assaulter and supporter of an alleged pedophile, Roy Moore,  is condemming her (a minor at the time) of failure to report the incident to the authorities and/or the FBI. Our ruling Republican leaders do not want to give her a fair investigation but are bullying her, a woman who  is being inundated with hate correspondence and death threats  for her and her family.  She has been forced to leave her home with  her family...not being offered protection for coming forward as a concerned and responsible citizen.

Dr. Ford deserves a fair investigation and hearing as does Judge Kavanaugh...and the witness at the occasion, Mr. Judge, present when this alleged incident took place and who perhaps also participated, has said he will not cooperate and is not being held to account by our leaders.  Because of the cowardly and brutish behavior of our members  of the Republican-controlled Congress a fair hearing is being denied Dr. Ford which could lead to another leader of our government being a sexual pervert.

Mental health and well-being is the main concern of this blog.  Every man, woman and child in this fair land deserves to be protected by law from being abused in this manner.  No man, woman or child should be assaulted and possibly raped.  These actions often lead to permanent trauma (read 
"The Body Keeps the Score" by Dr. Bessell van der Kolk)...not to mention psychological, physical and emotional harm throughout life.  Assault and rape know no class, financial, gender, racial, age or religious group.  No individual has the right to harm another person.  We, as citizens of the USA, have the right to protection from such sick individuals and we should be led in our government by men and women of honor and integrity.  Perhaps this seems naive but I believe in the dignity of each individual and the right to live a life free from being harmed by those who have no respect for, and hate, their fellow brothers and sisters...not to mention the well-being of other species inhabiting the planet alongside us.

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samwilliam on Monday, November 26, 2018 5:26 AM
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