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Finding wonder outside

Winter Poem about Snow

Crows flying---over the snow---cawing
over the snow---
through the blue skies---
not sighing---no!

Crows---sitting on a 
telephone wire
flying higher

The sun peeps thru'
winter-brown trees
the evening breeze.

Sparrows flicker---
up and down
over the snow-smothered 
no sound

Squirrel and crow
fighting for a grain of corn
Bam, Bam goes the squirrel
crow flies up---gone!

like the beams of the moon
fills our souls
empties our glooms

White---so white

When it snows

I hate snow.  It makes my tires spin, makes me slip when I go walking, causes the lights and heat in my house to go out when it weighs too heavily on the wires that line my street.  I especially hate snow when the sky is drab and the surrounding flurries keep me indoors waiting for what the weather will bring. 

But when its just snowed and the world is transformed with an overcoat of white and silver, the uncertainty and slipperiness goes away.  I feel excitement watching the busy squirrels and birds at the feeder,  seeing handsome trees bowing down with grace and surrender,  noticing the brown-ness of late autumn covered by a comforter of new beginnings.